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  28.01.2008: IWC pilot´s watches set for father and son
  05.02.2007: Nightflight -Lume shots of pilot watches
                        The Mark XII Limited Editions
  21.12.2006: John Mayer writes in his  Blog about his new BP Perpetual from Cellini 
    7.11.2006: Fliegerchrono Cathay Pacific 60th Anniversary Limited Edition
11/01/2006: New Informationen and pictures of the Mark XII Cathay Pacific
  10/31/2006: Mark XVI Halloween Edition
  10/18/2006: Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar in Platinum from Sincere
                        and Titanium from Cellini
  10/17/2006: Informationen about the Spitfire Perpetual Calendar von Sincere
                        and the Fliegerchronograph 125 Years Wempe
  10/082006:  Celebrities wearing IWC watches
  09/21/2006: Wie die Fliegeruhr UTC funktioniert
                        Das Kaliber 5011 der großen Fliegeruhr
  08/21/2006: "IWC Pilots" The Film
  08/20/2006: iwcflieger is online


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